Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Fleetwood Mac didn’t ever expect that the lyrics to their famous song would become a metaphor for change – but they sum up very quickly and easily what I believe will be the route to success for businesses involved in the distribution of legal solutions to commercial problems.

The Evolution of Law Firms

I’ve written before that in my view, it’s never been easier to start a new firm, and I truly believe that. However, if I was starting a Law Firm in the UK today, the “type” of law firm I could start is less clear. There are a number of different ways you could start a firm, and of course a number of different ways you can take an existing firm.

I’ve been a lawyer for over 20 years.

It’s good to talk.

The days are long gone when all it took for a law firm to secure more business was to be good at legal work. Yes a lawyer in today’s climate needs to be a damn good lawyer first and foremost, but they also need to be business savvy and be an innovative marketeer.

Law firm leaders face critical decisions in a legal services marketplace that is consolidating and changing rapidly.

The Changing Face of Law Firm Marketing – Part 2

In my last post I reached the conclusion that the process by which lawyers engage with their clients is changing. More specifically, the period between initial engagement and an established relationship is longer, and far less profitable, than it used to be. As a result, firms need to accelerate the process, and provide the necessary service as cost effectively as possible.

The Changing Face of Law Firm Marketing

I’ve been thinking lately about how the changes in the profession over the last few years have affected law firms. In particular, how it has affected law firm marketing.

Two of the (many) themes I hear when speaking with firms are, firstly that while work volumes are increasing, that work isn’t nearly as profitable, and secondly, clients are no longer as loyal as they were.