Here’s an interesting article I came across about how lawyers do what they do ( It’s interesting in itself, but it really chimes with something I wrote a while ago about designing a law firm from a blank piece of paper.

One of the themes of this article is the process lawyers go through when completing client work. Most of us (and I include myself in this) approach a client assignment by jumping straight in and getting on with the first thing that needs done. Few of us stand back and plan the transaction in any detail.

But more importantly, how many of us analyse the process as a whole. By this I mean,how many of us look at the process of buying a house, or conducting litigation, or processing an executry, or selling a company, and consider precisely what needs to be done, and how we do it, and then go on to critically analyses all the steps involved from the client’s perspective? If we did, could we re-engineer that process to make it more efficient, quicker, cheaper, and more client friendly? I bet we could.

And if we can do it once, we can document that process, replicate it, train staff in doing it that way, and suddenly the client experience is consistently better in everything we do.

And if we have a consistent process, that is distinctive to our firm, and which delivers excellent client service, we are a long way towards creating a brand for our business that is distinct from everybody else, and while crafted by you, does not need you to make it work.

And that’s crucial if you want to sell your firm!

And that’s a theme to which I’ll return.