In my last blog post I talked about innovation, and how facing the post COVID world has forced “5 years of innovation in 18 months”. And I admitted to being uneasy about facing that challenge.

Well, let me share a webinar that was shared with me (fair warning, not for those who are offended by the odd expletive!)

TLDR – we need to become comfortable with uncertainty. We need to come up with loads of ideas, and accept that most of them are rubbish, and we need to be happy to fail, and get it wrong. Most importantly, we need to let people know it’s OK (even good) to screw up and get things wrong, as long as we learn from it.

If things aren’t broken, we need to break them and make them, better!

Scary stuff …. and easy to dismiss as the ramblings of a “swivel eyed loon”, that just doesn’t understand. But, be honest ….. is your model perfect, is it optimised? It’s maybe OK, but is it truly good…..!


And I think as lawyers, we’re not very good at this. We struggle with the idea of getting something wrong. If goes totally against our training … as a result if people get something wrong, then there’s liability, and blame, and compensation.

Challenging stuff.

In Part 3, some thoughts on what a law firm might look at (fair warning …. bit of a sales plug!)

David Calder, Managing Director at The Cashroom Ltd

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