Is the sales process important to a law firm?

2,000,000,000,000!!  There were over 2 trillion Google searches per day in 2020.  If we’re not looking for it online we’re not looking for it at all.

Once upon a time it was claimed that people buy from people; and whilst this to a small extent remains the case, the truth is that we now buy convenience.  If we do not get it fast these days then we move on, and quickly.

You’ll be a lawyer who gets this; your ‘shopfront’ these days is your website.  You will have appointed a fantastic Digital Marketing agency to design your website in such a way that it makes your phone ring or your email ping!  You’ll have designed a sales process which makes sure that any enquiry is dealt with very quickly!  You’ll not lose any ‘shopper’ to any one of the many hundreds of other lawyers who are just waiting online for your system/process to slip up.

As a lawyer I know that you are rare!  For the majority, sales systems and processes are for shiny sales people selling Double Glazing and Second Hand Cars, right??


My firm relies on the web to supply 80% of its new clients every day, month and year.  I know that answering enquiries and quickly is critical.  I’ve learned the hard way though.  I had a receptionist who became my ‘Sales Prevention Officer’.

Onwards Answering is my answer to my law firm, I know it’s the answer to yours!  I know that getting that email/phone/message answered and quickly just needs to happen, or I lose.  I know that telling a ‘shopper’ that we can help them before anyone else does is key.  My law firm’s progress is founded on this.

Onwards Answering supplies law firms with a telephone reception and diary management service which will simply improve your firm’s turnover, guaranteed!  A bold statement I know, but it’s true!  Allow them to become your front-line sales team.  They’ll answer all your calls but most of Onwards Answering is designed and is primed to listen for your next new business opportunity.  Our call handlers act fast in dealing with getting your shoppers talking to you, and on your terms. But even that’s just not enough. We’ll become an integral part of your business sales process and we’ll work with you – and even teach you – how to convert leads into new business and increase your turnover, all guaranteed!

85% of all missed calls do not call back!  Let us begin to help you today.


Billy Smith, Director of Onwards Answering