It’s hard to believe, but I joined Cashroom full time just over 10 years ago. I was a non-exec director before then, but my first day sitting at a desk with a job of work to do, was in January 2012.

I was employee 13, we had 22 clients, and turned over £330k in the previous year. My mother (!) was horrified I had given up my career as a solicitor (“but David, what will I tell people you do now?”), and we were still crawling out of the great financial crisis.

This week we had an “all hands” meeting and more than 100 people logged into the Teams call, we act for over 220 clients across the UK, and last year we turned over almost £3.5m.

And my mother still has no idea what I do!

People often ask me if I miss being a solicitor. Often the question is asked by other solicitors.
Some are genuinely curious, but others I feel want (need?) me to say I don’t miss being a solicitor. I confess my answer is occasionally tailored to suit the questioner.

I believe passionately that the legal profession is a crucial part of any society. Without a legal system, and an independent and fearless professional, prepared to fight for their clients (whether against government, or against their fellow citizens), western democracy as we know it could not function.

However, it is easy to lose sight of this while fighting in the trenches. The great privileged I have at Cashroom is seeing over 220 firms and hundreds of solicitors fight that fight every day. So rather than focusing on my muddy boots, and the rats and the damp, and worry about the snipers (!)I get to see the best of the profession. I get to see all of you build your business and fight for your clients – and I get to play a small part in helping you do it.

So, while I do, on occasion miss being a solicitor, I don’t regret the decision I made for a second.

Looking forward to the next 10 years.

David Calder