Change is inevitable, and in business, it’s an essential part of the process. Whether you like it or not!

At Tricres we have a model known as The Change House. It outlines the various feelings, emotions, and thoughts that as a business owner you experience at various stages in your business timeline. We break down the House into four rooms that you cycle through as you process change.

And this cycle doesn’t have a set starting or endpoint. Indeed you may experience the cycle numerous times over the course of your business’s existence. What is interesting is that the amount of time you spend in each segment of this cycle will vary from person to person and from each organisation to organisation. No two cases are identical.

If you’re in a great place, savour it! If it isn’t a great place to be stuck into you need to take action to move on from sitting there. The reality is taking a clear and honest stock of where you are in the cycle in order to get to a phase that is happier and more productive.

Change is inevitable and it happens. Resisting change is usually not an advisable tack, as those who avoid it so often get left behind.

So what is this cycle of change we speak of? And where are you in this model? All an excellent exercise in understanding where your leadership has brought your business to at this very stage of its existence.


First, let us note that you can only move within this model in one direction. Be prepared, we will start in the darkest place in The Change House!


Let’s face it, change is usually scary!

Many companies go here when change is suddenly imminent. You may not have realised just how dire your situation is or acknowledged the reality of your business status. And that may be exactly why changes are needed in the first place.

If you stay in this room too long you may drop down to the Cellar of Despair where everything seems impossible or too big to manage.

The Cellar of Despair is no place to be for long, although there is only one way to go, which is back up to the Room of Denial. Make sure you get back up there in order to move to the next room…


As we truly believe at Tricres, after confusion comes clarity. This room is filled with uncertainty and chaos. But once your move into this phase you can rest assured that clarity is on the horizon.

There is no point in avoiding this phase, it’s a necessary step to reaching the decision making that will take you in the right direction. Sometimes business leaders try to avoid this phase and walk out the ‘Wrong Door’, which isn’t going to solve your issues with the changes needed.

We suggest avoiding making decisions when you’re hungry, tired, or angry as you will likely make the wrong choice. Better to observe your situation like a distant bystander casually taking notes and then seeing what needs to be done with a calm and collected demeanour.


This is a great place to be as once confusion has passed it gives your business that warm and fuzzy feeling. When your company colleagues can embrace and welcome the changes happening your business should feel refreshed, revitalised, and ready to make these changes happen.

As a business leader, establishing a healthy culture that welcomes change is certainly positive and assists in avoiding any wasted time in those less functional rooms of the change cycle. Acceptance of change when required that can cycle quickly through this Change House model will help your business move forward with ease.


No changes on the horizon? Content with the status quo? While this room is a great place to be it can be hazardous if you head out onto the Sun Deck and hang out resting on your laurels!

Many industries have seen epic shifts in the last few years and those businesses that failed to make relevant changes got left behind in spectacular fashion.

Embracing change and making essential changes are key to staying relevant in whatever industry you’re in.

Assessing where you are in this model can help highlight if you are possibly a little too comfortable with the way things are. Are you in denial that change is needed? It could be time to move into that uncomfortable space to bring your business up to speed with what you need to be doing now, not after all of your competition has done the legwork.

Rebecca Bonnington

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