cyber securityThe Scary World of Cyber Crime – Cyber Security in the Legal Profession

Cyber Security is a term that, in my experience, only experts know much about. It comes with connotations of espionage, complex cryptography and enough jargon to choke a donkey. But the one thing we all know is that it’s vitally important. So, a horrible combination.

Well, recently my eyes were opened to the world of Cyber Security, and its real world effects. We had a solicitor client who’s clients email account was hacked. The criminal then monitored the account until the solicitor asked for their client’s bank details. That email was intercepted and a “fake” reply sent with bank account details, diverting the funds to the criminal.

Now this happened, via a breach of a solicitors client’s security, not the solicitor’s …. but imagine if your email accounts were hacked. Imagine the havoc a sophisticated criminal could reap? If, like me, it makes you break out in a cold sweat, you really need to do something about it.

Which is why the Cashroom has invested time and money in engaging with a specialist firm of “ethical hackers” to help improve all aspects of our data security. I had an image of a skinny teenager in a baseball hat sitting hunched over a computer in a darkened room a can of red bull by his side. I’m happy to say that Xyone (, were nothing like that! They took us through their Cyber Essentials course, and carried out various “penetration tests” on our systems and our (soon to be released) client Portal. While a lot of what they did was beyond me, much of it was simply educating (or reminding) staff about simple things  –password security, email discipline etc.

I’m happy to say that, with a few tweaks, we came through the course, and passed the penetration tests. We’re as secure as we can be, and I’ll lose a little less sleep worrying about cybercrime.

And we have a certificate!