No matter where you work, things have changed in the last 18 months.

We are all rethinking the way things were done before. Perhaps not doing certain things that we now realise took up time or didn’t add any value to our business. We are possibly continuing to do some things but now doing them in a different way because it works better. I can’t think of any profession that hasn’t had to flex in the last year!

Events and face to face meetings come back onto my agenda. I have now been considering what have we really missed out on. As well as, what do we need to get back to.

There were some truly great attempts at events from home however some things as well organised and attempted as they were, are just better face to face.

We are approaching our first face to face awards event in September.

Cashroom are delighted that we have received nominations for two of The Scottish Legal Awards. Support Team of the Year and the Legal Technology Award. Pre-covid my opinion of these events was that they were a bit of a jolly. You spent time travelling there and back to the event out of the working day and then basically had a night out with your colleagues or possibly some client entertaining. Not a hardship however I probably never truly thought about the real benefit of these events and this year I think they mean just that bit more.

Some professions have clearly had a tougher time than others but that aside, it’s been rough. With your work colleagues you have virtually been inside their home, probably seen various room in the house, met some family members and maybe even tried to help with lockdown and home-schooling tips over teams.

We have all been pretty stressed out at different times, maybe we were a bit shorter with people than we would normally be. Maybe we couldn’t support each other like we normal do as the mental load of home life was just too much. Maybe we all even resented each other a little bit feeling like others had it just that bit easier than what you were dealing with. Awards aside, the prospect of getting around one big table with the people you work with and raising a glass to say thank you for being there for each other and that you made it is something to be excited and proud about!

The award nominations however are crucial here as it is a thoroughly well-deserved pat on the back.

Despite the hardships, the stress and the world going crazy we did a good job, in-fact we did a great job! We rallied, we problem solved, we came together as a team and supported the industry more than ever before. Our technology helped us do this securely and efficiently. Ultimately though, the people at Cashroom just ‘got stuck in’ and stayed that way and persevered for a year. The team at Cashroom didn’t just ‘do their job’, everyone truly went above and beyond. The property market went mad and we had our busiest two months ever! Cashroom transferred 1.2 billion pounds of client money in March and 1.6 billion pounds of client money in June. Despite this being at the end of a crazy year we absolutely smashed it. Securely, efficiently, and compliantly!

Awards aside, now is the time to step back and blow your own trumpet. You made it and your team rallied. You survived a period in history that people will look back and talk about. It might have been a bit messy but you have come out the other side. No matter if Cashroom win an award at any of the events this year. We are going to go out together and raise a glass to not just surviving – we thrived!