The last few weeks have been a blur. That’s not just because of my ageing, failing eyesight, but more due to a month or two of hectic webinar and judging activity.

The judging was for the Today’s Conveyancer inaugural awards.

Firstly, the webinars were numerous. This included Law South’s discovery days, Atlas Cloud’s webinar on managing remote working, Legal Eye’s ‘Securing the financial future of your firm’, and Menzies ‘Management Information and Strategic Planning.’

The reason for mentioning all of them is that something struck me as a theme which ran through all of these discussions, and the review of the submissions for the awards.

That theme related to the power of integration of technology.

To give an example, Coadjute won the Today’s Conveyancer award for Innovation. Their model connects the property software platforms used by estate agents, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders. Their submission was the epitome of the them- they have looked at the end to end process, and realised that there is a flow of information that can be harnessed and guided through different platforms, hugely improving efficiency and creating a vastly improved experience for the firms using it.

In the same category were other submissions along similar lines. Both law firms and tech providers who were knitting tech solutions together to a greater or lesser extent…

…but all the time realising that there was a core principle at play – SIMPLICITY.

It may sound counter intuitive to think that utilising several tech products within one process is a simplification. However, like a duck swimming on the water, a system which provides a straightforward interface for the user but has leading edge, complex technology behind it is an extremely attractive proposition.

The webinars confirmed this. There was much discussion around the flow of accurate data. The importance of that data for making business decisions. The power of communication with clients, as far as customer service is concerned. Also, the benefits that can bring for online reviews.

At The Cashroom, our in-house tech development team have been working on creating system integrations with a number of Practice Management Systems. We will be launching four such integrations in the next month, with more to follow.

The principle behind our endeavours in that direction are the same as I mentioned earlier – SIMPLICITY.

We support any firm on any Practice Management System, using our secure portal to communicate with our clients. By integrating with systems we can improve the flow of data and reduce any need for re-keying. As a result, this will greatly reduce the risk profile of the process. We are also integrated with banking platforms, making our payment process slicker and more secure than ever.

I’m pleased to say that our tech development path is very much in line with the theme I saw in my hectic few weeks. We want to create simple ways for our clients to work with us and their technology. This will give them access to the very best Legal Accounting as a Service.

The legal sector is evolving. Technology is evolving with it. Are you embracing evolution? Remember Darwin’s theory- it’s always the survival of the fittest!