Cashroom recently won the Legal Technology Award at the Scottish Legal Awards.

It has been amazing to see our team get the recognition they deserve for the technology that has been developed and built at Cashroom. We have to thank the combined expert knowledge of our legal cashiers with the incredible skills of our technical team.

“The Legal Awards is always one of the best nights in the legal industry calendar and this year was no exception. The level of talent and quality of the nominees in the room always serves as a reminder to Cashroom of why we provide the services we do to support law firms all over the UK. Our Cashroom portal and its development has been transformative over the last 5 years in the way our service teams delivery a quality, efficient and compliant accounting service and to be recognised as the winner of the technology award gave us the opportunity to step back and appreciate what we have achieved so far.” – Steven O’Day, Head of Operations

Why does your legal accounting team need technology?

Our portal provides an encrypted means of communication between Cashroom and our clients. Developing a highly secure portal with reduced risk, enhanced efficiency and ensuring compliance is a constant priority for our technology development team. Our award confirms our Cashroom portal is excellent.

Our clients can reduce duplication of data entry, reduce risk by minimising the potential for human error and save time.  The portal currently has integrations into four of the leading practice management systems – LEAP, Clio, Denovo and Klyant.  Cashroom are system agnostic and the Cashroom portal has been built with integration at the forefront of its development and we welcome conversations with other system providers to work together to create the best product. Working with these systems means that we are able to help firms optimise clients’ processes for their own system use, help with data flow, task management, accuracy of data and efficiency, all as part of our standard way of working with law firms.

Clients of Cashroom won’t have to worry about cyber security risks. The Cashroom portal ensures that law firms have a payment process that protects not only against external fraud, but also internal collusion and single point fraud, where a hacker only requires to obtain one set of login details. Cashroom also obtain Cyber Essentials Plus annually. Read more in our recent blog ‘Providing data security to law firms’.

We are always looking for ways to push our technology further

We continue to develop new products and services to extend our support to law firms. Cashroom has plans to add more integrations between our Cashroom portal and other practice management systems throughout the next few years.

The opinions of our clients are extremely important to us too. Our technology development team want to hear clients’ needs and wants. We have a ‘suggest feedback’ button within our portal for easy access and we send out monthly client surveys to check in, so clients can give us their own feedback. Our team is always working hand in hand with clients to deliver continuous improvements and developments in our technology so we can continue to lead the way in legal accounting.

“Winning this award is great recognition of not only the hard work of the technology team, but also the wider organisation in embracing change and new technology available. We encourage a culture of continuous development and improvement at Cashroom, and are always looking at how we can do things better. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of the open banking technology we have available and are working hard to improve our practice management system integrations. We love to hear feedback from clients to allow us to adapt and improve our portal to deliver the best legal accounting service possible. Our growing technology team at Cashroom work hand in hand with our accounting experts and law firm clients as we continue to revolutionise legal accounting!” – Paul O’Day, Head of Product Development

The online portal we have built together helps to support our teams and clients as we continue to revolutionise legal accounting.

If you would like to hear more about how Cashroom’s technology can benefit your law firm, please email or call 07949 177 952.

About Cashroom

Cashroom provides expert outsourced accounting services for Law Firms including Legal Cashiering, Management Accounts and Payroll services. Our mission is to free lawyers from the complexities of legal accounting by supporting the industry with accurate management information and allowing lawyers to do what they do best – practice law.

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We’ve been with Cashroom for quite a few years now, and I would never go back. In any business, and particularly in times of uncertainty, it’s important to control your costs, and that’s exactly what you help me do.

Sharon Needle
Sharon Needle
Managing Partner, Needle Partners
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