Out of Office

You can now mark your portal account as out of office. 

Managed from your portal profile, you can set your status to “Out of Office” which will display a red dot on the bottom right of your profile icon across the portal. This indicates to other users that you are out of office. You can also set an optional status message which will display when hovering over your profile icon to explain the why and when around your absence.

This will be visible to everyone in your company and your extended team at Cashroom.

Out of office
Matter kanban boards

We have added kanban boards specific for a particular matter for all clients using integrated Practice Management Systems (Currently Clio, LEAP, Denovo and Klyant).

Cashroom - Matter kanban board

At a quick glance, you will be able to easily see the status of all requests or transactions relating to a matter. 

Navigate to the matter kanban from the matter details on any request.

Cashroom - request detail

About Cashroom

Cashroom provides expert outsourced accounting services for Law Firms including Legal Cashiering, Management Accounts and Payroll services. Our mission is to free lawyers from the complexities of legal accounting by supporting the industry with accurate management information and allowing lawyers to do what they do best – practice law.

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We’ve been with Cashroom for quite a few years now, and I would never go back. In any business, and particularly in times of uncertainty, it’s important to control your costs, and that’s exactly what you help me do.

Sharon Needle
Sharon Needle
Managing Partner, Needle Partners
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