Common outsourcing worries and how at Cashroom we address them

No longer is outsourcing an alien concept like it was when Cashroom began over ten years ago. However, we are still met with concerns over outsourcing such a pivotal part of your business – your finance function. So, once you’ve decided to outsource, how do you choose from the wealth of providers?

When your client is looking for a lawyer, they want the best service and when you are considering outsourcing you should come to the most experienced and best provider – that’s Cashroom!

We asked some of our clients what worries they had pre-Cashroom.

I don’t like change

Ah that old chestnut! Change can be difficult for everyone, but the benefits gained will outweigh this small period of feeling uncomfortable.

Managing expectations and clear communication are the most important things here. You will receive a direct contact at Cashroom (in-fact we have a dedicated transition team) who can hold your hand during the Transition process.

Keeping everyone in your firm informed along the way really helps with their reservations and fears.

We have onboarded over 200 clients at Cashroom and have a wealth of experience in ensuring the process goes smoothly and is pain free!

Is it better for employees to all be under one roof?

One thing the pandemic has shown us is that we don’t all need to be in an office for a business to succeed and you do not need to employ everyone that makes your business thrive.

By adding a supportive remote component to your current all-star team, it creates a better quality of working life for the stars you hired to do the work you hired them for.

Cashroom help you make the most out of the skilled talent you already have, by providing them with expert support.

Will I still need an accountant? I don’t like the idea of having to liaise with lots of external providers.

Absolutely not, Cashroom can provide as little or as much of your finance function as you need!

We have our own chartered and management accountants to prepare monthly management accounts and Cashroom can seamlessly provide the year end accounts and tax returns too.

Also don’t forget we also do credit control and payroll – in-fact when you think about it doesn’t it make sense to just have on expert provider doing all of this?

I just have greater trust with an in-house team

Cashroom are committed to hiring and training talent that invest in your business and are as enthusiastic as any in-house team. With less plates to spin you have better control of your business.

Trust is one of our most important values. We have monthly awards to nominate staff who display these values beyond the expected level.

We are not a large call centre where you get passed off to any available person. You have a dedicated team that you get to know well. You’ll develop a working relationship with them, just like your in-house team along the corridor.

I will have faster reaction times inhouse

Unlike most in-house teams or some smaller outsourced providers we are a flexible resource. During a sudden spike of activity your cashier may normally get swamped and reactions times may decrease. At Cashroom we can flex our team and provide the extra support needed to ensure everything always runs smoothly.

Think of us as a business partner allowing you to focus on the core competencies of your firm.

At Cashroom communication is seamless, accessible, regular and secure. We use a dedicated Web-Portal, that provides secure communication and a clear audit trail of all communications and transactions so you can see exactly what’s happening and when.

Using Cashroom might just be better than your existing team!

You won’t know our system like an in-house team would

Cashroom has a dedicated team of over 90 experts in accounting, technology and the legal sector and support over 200 UK law firms using the full range of practice management systems. Our teams bring a specific skill set that comes from significant professional experience, which is always developing. We are constantly refining our systems and process knowledge and work closely with many system providers to ensure the best possible software. We can also help recommend the best system for you if you are thinking of changing or are in the process of setting up a firm.

Now what?

Yes, we are biased but you truly are getting the best outsourced legal provider when you choose Cashroom. And if you don’t want to take my word for it then please get in touch and we can let you chat to one of our clients about their experience. Alternatively we have some testimonials on our website. 

There are lots of bolt on cashiering options out there, but don’t you want the best for your firm? 

With over 200 firms of all sizes and doing all types of legal work, we are prepared and ready now to take on your firm’s legal accounting.


Emma O’Day