Good news for Cashroom clients!

Two of the leading PII brokers in the UK have provided ringing endorsements of the quality of our service. In particular they recognise the reduction in risk that our processes, tech and people bring to a law firm.

As a result of the current professional indemnity insurance (PII) conditions many practices may be facing come the 1st October, we are working closely with Lockton at present to soften any possible increases, and the service features and processes used by The Cashroom for our clients mean that this will be viewed positively by many underwriters and Insurers. Whilst the basis of each premium will be judged individually on the merits of each firm, Lockton are able to use this as a tool to make sure your practice starts the renewal journey on the front foot.

Jake Fox of JM Glendinning said that when he is talking to insurers on behalf of a firm, if he is aware that The Cashroom are providing the cashiering service, he always makes a point of explaining how our way of working reduces the risk and creates greater efficiency. He went on to say that if there were two very similar firms and one was using The Cashroom and the other was not, the insurers would always want to underwrite the one using The Cashroom before the other.