Just about any account you own on the internet has the ability of being hacked. The most important thing you can do to increase your online security, alongside using a password manager, is to enable two-factor authentication. 

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. 

How does it work? 

When you log in to a service, you use your mobile phone to verify your identity by either clicking on a texted / emailed link or typing in a number sent by an authenticator app. 

What is an Authenticator App? 

An authenticator app supplies a code to you via an app on your smart phone or tablet. The app is specific to your device so hackers will need physical access to get around it, and you’re not having to give your phone number to big companies who then might use it inappropriately. There are numerous good options on the market including Microsoft Authenticator which we use at CashroomGoogle authenticator and Duo Mobile; these are all free to downlaod from the App store.  

So what are the benefits to me? 

Reduce fraud and build secure online relationships 

Identity theft is on the rise. This can be extremely damaging to businesses as it can result in a loss of trust and credibility. By introducing two-factor authentication your clients can further trust you, their law firm. This encourages strong ongoing relationships with customers. 

Stronger Security 

Computer hacking presents a danger to anyone using computerised services. Having a second form of identification greatly decreases the chance of a hacker gaining access to corporate devices or other sensitive information. 

Increase productivity and flexibility 

Many businesses are now embracing remote working as it encourages productivity. 2FA implementation allows employees to safely access corporate systems from any device or location – without putting sensitive data at risk. 

Do I really need this? 

There is no doubt that there is an increase in cyber awareness and firms are training more, have better password management, access control and domain monitoring than in the past. But there is still more to be done. 

Hackers are consistent in their approach in finding weak links. Social engineering attacks are used to obtain log-in details in such a sophisticated way that even the most diligent can fall prey to. It may seem tedious thinking about the ever changing most secure way to store passwords and access online accounts however hackers are keeping up to date, it is worth your time making sure you are too! 

Cashroom IT security is our highest priority. There are strict IT policies and procedures in place as well as Cashroom being Cyber Essentials accredited. Cashroom have further added this extra layer of 2FA security for our clients. We have introduced two-factor authentication to our Portal further increasing security, stronger online relationships and increasing productivity and flexibility for our clients.  


Emma O’Day, Head of Marketing and Communications 

Cashroom Ltd