It’s been 2 weeks now since I completed Tricres’ 7-day Neuro-Linguistic Programming course and I finally feel ready to sit down and write about it. It was exhausting, exhilarating and I’m going to put my neck out here and say life changing. I had a literal stop and look up moment, I have engaged my brain in a way I just wasn’t doing before.

Firstly, I was skeptical.

Anyone I spoke to that had done this sort of training said it was brilliant, but nobody could really describe it to me or say what I would get out of it. I also had a fear I was going to have to go and talk about my feelings all week. Dare I say it I was worried it was all just a bit fluffy and I’d not get a lot out of it. After day 1 I still wasn’t totally convinced but thanks to various moments throughout the days – HANDS UP, I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried.

There were so many reasons not to go for it (7 days away from my desk, over a bank holiday weekend when my husband was away with friends and I had 3 children to juggle to name a few) but there was something in my gut telling me to do it and I am so glad I did. In-fact something Rebecca shared with us that week was that we do all have brain cells in our gut and it’s important to listen to them!

We covered so much.

Linguistics, communications and behaviours, anchoring, deletions and visualisation. I can’t share any of the secrets to NLP here – literally I cannot. It would be impossible in a blog and I’m a novice, but my mind was blown wide open during the 7 days on the programme and sharing some snippets may be useful to others.

Life is busy, life is fast moving, we spend so much time on phones and tiny screens, people hurt your feelings and we all create our own narrative around situations without stopping and using our brains. Stop. Everything I just wrote there I now think about completely differently. Confused yet? I told you I cannot share the details!

1 easy to use nugget I want to share with you is use all your senses in as many moments as possible.

You have multiple senses – use them! At least once a day on a walk, on the train, talking with a loved one try and use all your senses in the moment. Open up your eyes wider and look at the wider view, feel the wind on your face or reach out or concentrate on your feet on the ground, listen to the noises, really listen to everything around you, are there any tastes? I can’t explain how doing this frequently will benefit your experiences. In the office talking to a colleague do this, it’s harder on zoom but still possible – be present in the moment and concentrate on everything in it, it’s amazing how much more focused you will be in situations.

My week wouldn’t have been such a success if it weren’t for the cherry-picked group of people that I joined on the course. A group from all sorts of businesses came together from South Carolina, Switzerland, Edinburgh and more.  A group of individuals went in and came out firm friends – we were all very different characters and yet respect and trust was built in those 7 days that normally would take years. We practiced our new skills on each other constantly, laughed together (the MOST fun group, right Tammy?) and there may have been a couple of tears together too.

Rebecca and Nick – What a week packed full of knowledge; you literally altered my brain! You threw me completely out of my comfort zone and yet made me feel at ease. You were respectful, scientific, and relatable in all teaching. These are not one stop skills you have given me, it’s techniques to use within my whole life. I have a clarity and brightness that I didn’t realise was missing!

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