I’m considering moving house.

It’s an arduous process, and the last few months’ restrictions have (to my secret delight) put the brakes on our plans. There were always factors I could use to slow things down sneakily- packing up the house would be a nightmare, we’re too busy to go house hunting etc. But my trump card was always Stamp Duty.

“What a waste of money!” I would say.

And it was a pretty unarguable point. Yesterday’s announcement by Rishi Sunak that there will be a Stamp Duty ‘holiday’ for properties purchased up to £500,000 was a hammer blow to my delaying tactics. Scotland followed with an announcement today that the starting point for land and buildings transaction tax (LBTT) is to rise from £145,000 to £250,000.

Last evening was spent glued to Rightmove.

We were back house hunting with a vengeance. Many of the house details contain virtual tours, and with the added tools of google maps and satellite view. It’s far easier to house hunt from the sofa than it used to be. Dagnabbit!!

This morning we have had responses from a number of the estate agents with details and proposed viewing times. I do get the impression that estate agents are struggling to balance their furloughing of staff with the upturn in interest.

So I may be in my own private hell as a result of Mr Sunak’s ‘generosity’. However it seems clear that the housing market will see a boost from this announcement. Our friends in the legal sector with property sector departments will no doubt be delighted.

From The Cashroom’s point of view, we stand ready with our huge flexible resources to support our existing clients with our cashiering service. We know that our processes are particularly popular for conveyancing firms. We move money quickly and securely, and fit into a slick process of payment authorisation which our clients love. Any firms who aren’t yet clients (why aren’t you?!) we would be delighted to chat with.

So what?

What I’m secretly hoping is that we will be inundated with new enquiries and as a result I’ll be able to recycle the “too busy to move house” excuse.

So come on law firms….help a fella out!

Alex Holt, Director of Business Development