Outsourced legal finance company Cashroom is celebrating more achievements that make them the leading player in their field.

Cashroom renewed Cyber Essential accreditation and at the same time earned Cyber Essential Plus status.

The Cashroom’s Head of Technology, Steven O’Day

“Security is at the forefront of our minds at Cashroom. These accreditations prove that we are leading the way in providing data security to clients. The team will also continue to have regular training and updates to react to the ongoing risk of cyber crime.”

Cyber Essentials acknowledges the highest levels of competency and performance. Therefore, Cyber Essential Plus has been awarded as a result of an external audit of Cashroom’s systems. This proves it was doing everything, and more, to meet the government’s standard for cyber security and protect law firms and their finances.

Cashroom works alongside legal firms managing their finance including cyber security measures. Our experts in legal finance work seamlessly in the background as part of the team taking a pro-active approach to keep everything working smoothly rather than being called in to react when things go wrong.

Cashroom says that this approach means the clients can focus on their business. In addition, they can save money and they can pass this peace of mind on to their own customers.

Outsourced legal finance is provided by Cashroom to over 200 UK law firms and Cashroom processed more than £1.3 billion of client money in March 2021 alone!

“Cashroom continue to partner very well with Laurus.  Key to the successful processing of a high level of transactions up to initial stamp duty deadline, was regular reviews and planning.  The Cashroom operate like an in-house finance team, albeit they are outsourced which provides the benefit of greater expertise.  Excellent processes were maintained throughout this busy period, and additional shifts and cover were provided to get through all transactions.  Communication between Laurus’ dedicated team at Cashroom was excellent throughout, resulting in a high level of clients and Solicitors being very happy with the service.”


Steven explains that Cashroom remaining very busy during the pandemic was not a problem. Therefore, clients had no disruption to service. This was largely because of the strict risk management procedures and remote working practices already in place for an outsourced business model.

Cashroom is now growing rapidly following the pandemic. The benefits of outsourcing to our expert teams have become even more important than ever. Firms understand the importance of cyber security. They want the best processes and people possible looking after their law firms finances – that’s Cashroom!