So after all the build up- a goal less draw!

A bit of background- Cashroom has two bases. One in Scotland and one in England. Ever since the Group draw for the Euros, there has been friendly banter. This built to a fever pitch on Friday of last week.

England with their team of highly rated superstars had won their first game, while Scotland had lost theirs. Many were predicting a drubbing for the Scots- but not me…

I’m an ancient football fan. If there’s one thing I’ve learned while watching England in a huge variety of tournaments it is that they will always find a way to deliver below expectation. I’d been laughed at by some colleagues for my pessimistic outlook as the game approached. However, I held firm to my view that this was in effect a derby, and as a result the form book goes out of the window. It was going to be a fierce battle and either team could win.

You’re probably expecting that any minute now I will use some tortuous thinking to bring the conversation from football to business…and you’d be right.

It’s simple really- the game proved that individuals, no matter how good, operating in isolation and without the right strategy will always struggle to reach their potential. On the other hand, when a team is set up to play to every individual’s strengths, within a strategic framework where everyone knows and sticks to their role, that can be a recipe which creates momentum and maximises the outcome beyond what might have been expected.

Obviously they still need to be incredibly lucky that John Stones’ header didn’t go in….sorry…forgot where I was for a minute…

Anyway- that’s it really- the Scottish office are cock-a-hoop, and the English office are fed up. But the great news is we can both still qualify for the last 16… Come on England/Scotland!!!