I’m sure all of you Business Development Guru’s out there, like me, are prepping for a very busy upcoming conference period. How do we cope? Being on the road can be difficult but the hotel ‘break’ for an evening (or two), talking to leaders of the industry and the amazing venues we visit most definitely helps.

Conferences are a very new thing for me. Whilst I’m very much used to being on the road visiting clients for most part of the working weeks, they are very different. There seems to be a buzz around being in a room with hundreds of people from the industry, opening their eyes to how our service helps them ‘stay compliant, minimise risk and increase efficiency’ – I’m sure some of you will hear me say that line over the next few months! ITS TRUE!

But as a newbie to them, I’m certainly seeing the same trend.

Everyone loves a freebie! Especially Lionel, our special little piggy bank who’s been fortunate to travel not only around the UK, but now to the US! And then our wonderful little pens…. I’m not trying to sell you our merchandise, honest!

All jokes aside. I’ve only been to a couple conferences since my return to the Cashroom and I’ve learned so much from each:

  • How much effort the organisers need to go through to make sure they run ‘smoothly’ and give each attendee the intended benefits.
  • How fantastic some of the speakers are, the experiences that they’ve been through (even those not strictly legal related), but how it makes them forward-thinking and game changers.
  • And, just how amazing some of the suppliers and exhibitors are. The tech that is in place, and how much each and every one of them help support the industry.
As the title of the blog says – The busy ‘Conference Period’. That’s exactly what it is.

Whilst I won’t be attending all of them, we’ll have at least one Cashroom ‘Business Development Guru’ at The Solicitors Group (Cardiff), LegalEx, Legal Futures, Legal Geek, National Legal Alliance, Lawshare, LEAP Modern Law Conveyancing Awards and The Scottish Legal Awards. (To name a few!)

We’re very much looking forward to seeing some of you there. We’ll have the freebies ready and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help your firm.

Daniel Jones

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Cashroom provides expert outsourced accounting services for Law Firms including Legal Cashiering, Management Accounts and Payroll services. Our mission is to free lawyers from the complexities of legal accounting by supporting the industry with accurate management information and allowing lawyers to do what they do best – practice law.

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We’ve been with Cashroom for quite a few years now, and I would never go back. In any business, and particularly in times of uncertainty, it’s important to control your costs, and that’s exactly what you help me do.

Sharon Needle
Sharon Needle
Managing Partner, Needle Partners
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