Rooted in Scotland 

For over 15 years, Cashroom has been dedicated to its partnership with the Scottish Legal Community. Founded in Scotland by Catherine O’Day, the idea came from law firms needing support with managing their legal accounting whilst complying with strict legal accounting regulations. Catherine partnered with Les Cummings, former Chief Accountant at the Law Society of Scotland and together they created Cashroom, it has had the Law Society of Scotland at its core since the beginning 15 years on, Cashroom have taken knowledge of legal accounting in law firms, from compliance intricacies to resource optimisation, and are now globally leading the way with outsourced services that have revolutionised legal accounting for law firms.   

Specialised Expertise 

Cashroom teams are comprised of SOLAS and ILFM qualified Cashiers, Management Accountants and a leadership team where multiple in the team have held partnership positions within law firms. Many of their cashiers have worked in-house for law firms who bring their learnings together to create industry best practice. They truly understand the requirements and challenges law firms face with their cashiering and accounting. With this specialised expertise, they can offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each law firm. Their commitment to personalised support means you are guided every step of the way, with peace of mind knowing your finances are entrusted to capable hands. After a thorough and smooth onboarding process, Cashroom ensure each client has a team of cashiers and accountants with specific skills and experience to match their system use and needs. Your cashiering and accounting team at Cashroom become an extended part of your inhouse team, as if they were part of your business.  

With Cashroom, law firm’s benefit from a comprehensive suite of services covering all aspects of legal cashiering, from daily operations to management accounting, compliance, payroll, and credit control. What sets Cashroom apart is their flexibility and delivery —we have the ability to adapt to your preferred case management system, backed by a team of 140 specialist cashiers, each with experience in specific systems. Allocating a dedicated team well-versed in your chosen system allows them to ensure a seamless integration as well as allowing you to use the best system for your law firm.  

Transformative Technology  

The team at Cashroom are support by industry award winning technology. Cashroom utilises transformative and innovative technology which represents a real shift in the world of legal accounting for law firms. Their online portal seamlessly integrates with the banking network as well as multiple practice management systems. Cashroom has emerged as a market leader by revolutionising the way legal practices manage their finances. Their automated workflows and streamlined processes empower law firms and allow them to reduce risk as well as ensuring compliance with the Scottish Accounts Rules and the Solicitors Accounts Rules in England and Wales. From day-to-day cashiering to sophisticated credit control workflows, Cashrooms technology allows law firms to operate more efficiently, freeing up valuable time and resource. Their latest developments include the integration of open banking and confirmation of payee into their client portal, becoming the first in the industry to offer this level of technology to clients. No other inhouse team or outsourced provider provides this level of risk control or efficiency of process. With their relentless drive for innovation, Cashroom continues to shape the future of legal accounting, setting new standards of excellence and efficiency for the industry.  

Commitment to Excellence 

Cashroom are committed to empowering every law firm, regardless of size, work type or systems they use. Whether you are a boutique establishment or a top-tier practice, Cashroom enhances your operation. For smaller firms, the benefit may be that valuable time and resources are freed up. For larger firms, Cashroom may serve as a catalyst for growth, providing supplementary resources to drive profitability. With a deep understanding of legal accounting and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Cashroom emerges as the ideal outsourced partner for your firm. 

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About Cashroom

Cashroom provides expert outsourced accounting services for Law Firms including Legal Cashiering, Management Accounts and Payroll services. Our mission is to free lawyers from the complexities of legal accounting by supporting the industry with accurate management information and allowing lawyers to do what they do best – practice law.

‘The Cashroom have been an integral part of MBM from their inception. They has supported the growth of MBM from a small firm of 15 people all the way to the 70+ partners and staff now working in the firm. I have first hand experience of the wealth of skill employed within the business and the cashiering knowledge is unrivalled. The fluid ability of Cashroom to adapt to the changing requirements of a firm on a daily basis, as well as the ability to cover holiday periods seamlessly would be a benefit to any law firm. The Cashroom portal provides a first class workflow system for all cashiering requests and, more importantly, provides the level of security that email instructions do not. Cashroom provide both a cost effective fully outsourced service that can deliver almost everything that an internal finance team would be charged with, as well as a wraparound service to support an internal finance team.

Stewart MacBride
Finance Director, MBM Commercial LLP
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