You will by now be used to Blogs from me on topics as wide-ranging as wellbeing, to financial compliance, to leadership styles, to risk management.

But, this is the first one you will have read on this particular topic… my departure from Cashroom!

After eight years (that have flown by) at the business, the time has come for me to progress my career elsewhere. I will shortly be joining Amiqus to head up the Business Development team there. However, I depart on really good terms, with very fond memories and many close friends. So, I anticipate that I will have a close working relationship with Cashroom going forward. I therefore thought that I would take this opportunity to reflect on my time at the business, and just how far we have come.

I joined The Cashroom in August 2013, as the first person in a Business Development or Sales role. The business had 28 law firms as clients, all located within Scotland. Catherine O’Day and David Calder (Chairwoman and Managing Director respectively at the time), took a chance on me. I had been a solicitor in private practice for the best part of 10 years. I have had lots of contacts, but very little by way of marketing or sales experience. For that opportunity, I will be forever grateful to them both. I was looking to step out of legal practice, and David and Catherine gave me that chance, and I jumped at it! My time at The Cashroom has been all I hoped, and a whole lot more. It has allowed me to develop many skills, meet new people, and provided a role that I genuinely enjoyed.

Going back to the start though…

I was tasked at the outset with growing the business in Scotland, and trying to break into the English and Welsh market too. I’d like to think that I have been successful in delivering on those, as over the first couple of years we took on many new Scottish clients, and the first dozen or so English clients, to the point that it made sense to employ another member in the team to focus on English and Welsh growth. Growth has continued apace over the last few years, north and south of the border. As at the time of writing this, we now have around 220 clients, across the length of the country. It has been quite a journey.

Thinking back, we also provided just three services when I started – Legal Cashiering, Payroll, and Management Accounts. Today, we still offer these core services, but in addition have a large client base that use additional services we have developed, such as Statutory Accounts and

Gregor Angus

Tax compliance, Credit Control, and various project/consultancy services. The team delivering the services has also grown substantially in my time from around 15 people when I joined. Today’s head count is over 100 across two offices!

It’s true that you don’t notice the incremental day to day changes and progress. When you look back, you notice that rather a lot has happened!

Some of the above, I think, shows just how far we have come in the last eight years. I’m sure the work, ideas and initiatives that are currently underway will ensure that the business will continue to go on and achieve even greater things in the future.

It has been a pleasure to be a small cog in the wheels that have made things happen over the years. I sincerely wish everyone at Cashroom, their clients and contacts, all the very best for the future. I will certainly follow developments at the business with interest. As I said at the outset, I’m sure there will be many opportunities to collaborate. So, hopefully this is not a goodbye, but rather a “speak soon“.