I had a great day on Wednesday. Sometimes it’s good to call such things out!

I caught a train that was on time and had a table which wasn’t too crowded so I could get work done.

I walked down through a busy London and had a really productive networking lunch with National Legal Alliance. The group is made up of some industry leading suppliers and advisors, as well as numerous solicitors from firms all over the country. The discussions and networking were friendly and positive, and I made some great new contacts, while catching up with some of my favourite legal sector folk.

I then had a fascinating and exciting online call with a prospective US client.

It’s been so good to engage with that completely new market and find that our messages and approach are enthusiastically received.

Then it was back onto the streets to wander along to a venue near St Paul’s for a quick meeting with Philip Lewis and Paul McCluskey before we all headed into the January Hexagon Legal Network gathering. Pre-pandemic I always felt the Hexagon events were some of the best networking events around. They’re back in full effect and around 40 people from law firms and sector suppliers mingled and chatted and engaged. Those sort of events are so valuable as we strive to find the right mix of online and virtual meeting. There was an inspiring address by Shak Inayat on the importance of looking out for positivity and seizing the day, followed by a fascinating presentation on eDiscovery from Imogen Fraser-Clarke and Brenda Malinki.

It was a really positive event, added to by the presence of a large proportion of the CPA networking group; Amy Bell , Leah Steele ,Paul McCluskey, Philip Lewis and we were all celebrating being shortlisted for an award at the imminent Modern Law Awards. Exciting stuff, and a glass or two of red wine may have been raised. Next time Brian Boehmer, Lara Squires FCIM, Nicola Conboy.

A stroll back to my hotel, and my luck remained good.

The heavens had opened but… I had a brolly in my bag! It’s the little things, isn’t it?!

My trip to London was rounded off with a breakfast meeting the day after with the mighty Rob Blech, talking all things risk and compliance.

Then it was another on time train back up North. Productive, tiring, and exciting. That’s what the best Business Development trips can be.

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Sharon Needle
Sharon Needle
Managing Partner, Needle Partners
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