2020 was a hard year for everyone whatever way you spin it but there is always a lesson to be learned if you look closely enough.

Your worth is intrinsic

One thing that I came to understand during the various quarantines, is that I am not my title or my productivity. I have spent so much time during my career basing my personal value on what I contributed to my various roles, how I was perceived by my peers and the professional hats that I got to wear. When you are forced to revolutionise your standard day from one filled with meetings, events, and projects to long lies, Netflix binges and reading; it can have the potential to trick you into feeling like you are worthless. Once you take the time to reprogramme your mind, you realise that you are worthy of all that you want by merely existing.

This has the power to shift how you view yourself and work going forward resulting in a healthier relationship and improved work life balance.

Change can be good

We all have our routines, and for some of you, the thought of doing something a little different or during your working day might sound like an absolute nightmare. We’ve already experienced so much upheaval, but would you do it on purpose? Each new adventure has the potential to challenge you a little further. It could be as simple as speaking to a colleague you haven’t spoken to in a while, walking down a route you’ve never explored before or trying out a new recipe for dinner. Or you can use this opportunity, like I did, to go for the Nuclear option and push yourself out of your comfort zone. As I write this from my sun soaked terrace, I can attest that it’s little things and the little wins that really keep your happiness topped up.

Try something new and see how you feel. It has worked wonders for me.

Take some time off

Have you taken any time off during the pandemic? Chances are it will be the standard holidays over Christmas and New Year and not much else. You might feel that using your annual leave to stay in your house is a waste and you want to keep it until you can rebook that holiday to Bali. I totally understand that, but our current circumstances are far from ideal and they’re far more draining than we may realise. In turn, it is worth it to take some time where possible to allow you to truly take a break from the grim reality we currently face without the additional pressures of work demands. It is essential to recharge your batteries to serve your clients and everyone else in your life to the best of your ability. My time off allowed me to focus on the positives in my life and appreciate them.

Comparison is the thief of joy

In the first blush of lockdown, I recall the LinkedIn boasts from those who completed courses and training every week. It can really make you question whether you’re spending your time wisely. I feel it’s important not to judge your life journey by comparing it to the destination of others. We’re all on our own separate adventures, we are all experiencing different blows, struggles and impacts from the current quarantine. Each day we survive during this is an absolute blessing and should be celebrated as such.

I’ll be taking these lessons with me into 2021 and beyond. What did you learn in 2020?

Katie McKenna, Marketing and Engagement Director at Casedo