Whether you’re a large organisation or a sole practitioner, it is important to look at how you can improve your branding. The best way to increase enquiries is using marketing. When considering how you can improve your firm’s presence, take time to research if you have poor conversion rates, a website that could be gaining more traction or even a lack of social media presence. It is key to recognise how important marketing and business development is when trying to reach growth targets, develop new leads and ultimately gain new clients. However, there are many lawyers and law firms who aren’t sure where to start or how to drive their business further.  

So, where do you start marketing your law firm? 

Websites are key

As the world is now digital, your website is the front door to your business. Your website is the foundation where all your leads will end up, whether they find you through social media, Google Ads or the many other ways to attract prospects. It’s important that your website is presentable, fast and has the information clients will be looking for. Look at your website from the reader’s perspective, and provide details and relevant content for the field of law you are specialising in. Here are some key aspects to consider when building your site – 

  • Make sure your site is introspective – Don’t tell visitors how you are the correct law firm for them, show them who you are. Show them what you know about a specific field of law by providing details and relevant content.  
  • Be passionate in your bio – Once you have ensured the rest of your website’s text informs the visitor of what your firm does and how it can benefit them, it’s time to talk about you! Describe how many years of experience you have, discuss the significant accomplishments you have achieved in your field, and even add a little bit about your hobbies. 
  • Professional photography – Add photos of all your team. There’s no need to have law books or fancy backgrounds. A consistent set of simple, professional images will allow viewers to see who they will be working with. 
  • Continuously update content – Add blogs, publications, links to podcasts and newsletters to your site often. Don’t let updating content stagnate – your website won’t look relevant or show care with old or out of date content being easily available. 
Attract new visitors with Google Ads

Now that you have the foundation prepared, Google Ads is a great way to bring people towards your website. To start off you will want to think about your budget, how much you will want to spend per month or perhaps you are more interested in using PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.  

Does the text of your advert read well? Is the messaging representing your business properly? Also, ensure that the links within your adverts land on appropriate pages which are fast, informative and will leave a positive impression on the visitor.  

You will need to choose your ad’s keywords. Pick words which are related to your company, services and words which you believe your potential clients may be typing into Google. Remember to take advantage of negative keywords so your ads do not show to the wrong audience, wasting your valuable budget money.  

Figuring out what’s important to your clients

Take time to figure out who you want your clients to be or who they currently are and where they can be found. Think about what language they want to be spoken to in – is it professional, friendly? Deciding what your client persona is going to be is a big step in attracting future clients and creating content that will draw them in. 

Measure your enquiries and figure out where your enquiries are coming from. Was it from your advert, your website or something else? You need to track what is working for you and what is worth investing in again. 

There are many ways to attract the attention of clients, whether it’s through paid adverts, social media campaigns, blogs, podcasts or events. Find people who care about what it is your company provides and bring them in to help you deliver on these marketing activities.  

What do potential clients need? Where are they located? And what kind of content might they be interested in seeing? To start growing your business’ enquiries, all you must do is figure out who your target audience is, what they require from your firm, and which form of advertising works best on grabbing their attention. You will be attracting leads in no time!

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