At the Cashroom our goal is to revolutionise legal accounting world-wide, and we have recently taken a big step towards achieving that goal.

Kanbaro Limited is the company behind developing and maintaining our Portal. For those that don’t know, the Portal is the IT platform on which we run the majority of our business. It securely and efficiently deals with client communication, task management and increasingly the automation of many of our processes.

The Portal is critical to what we do and was one of the main reasons we were able to quickly and easily, transition to remote working when the lockdown was announced.

However, it is clear that the pace of technological change in our market will accelerate – driven in part by the opportunities presented by Open Banking and the automation of tasks and processes. Over the next few years the Portal will revolutionise the way we work, and we need to increase the scope and pace of our technology development

So, with that in mind, a few months ago we reached agreement with the shareholders of Kanbaro to acquire their business along with all its IP. I’m happy to say that the deal has now completed, and Kanbaro Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cashroom. One of the Directors, Paul O’Day will join the Cashroom as Head of Product Development.

This is a significant step forward for the Cashroom. Having an in-house development capacity will allow us to move forward more quickly with a number of exciting technology projects, taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by Open Banking, process automation, and creating our own published API allowing the integration of our Portal with other systems.

In turn this will increase efficiency, accuracy and security for all our clients… The Cashroom is about to become even faster, even more accurate and even more secure!

In addition, consolidating all the IP under one ownership will allow us to exploit that technology world-wide.

Our goal is to revolutionise legal accounting world-wide after all!

Exciting times.

David Calder, Managing Director at The Cashroom Ltd